Have you tired of searching particular objects on your large game scenes?
You don’t want to spend your time on boring scrolling through the dozens of objects, do you?
If it’s your case, then CSS-like search [in AssetStore: freepro] is for you! It will save a lot of your time during development, debugging and testing.

CSS-like search is an editor extension asset with small window that fits any layout.

With CSS-like search you will only need to write simple queries using CSS-like syntax to search objects with advanced filters.

CSS-like search provides you an ability to search objects

  • by type,
  • by attribute value,
  • by name,
  • and by hierarchy.

There is an ability to look at step by step verbal description of the written query, if you’ll have some doubts.

All this basic functions are available in CSS-like search FREE version [AssetStore]. So, go ahead and try it!

PRO version of CSS-like search [AssetStore] contains some beneficial features that will facilitate searching process in an even greater degree.
PRO version provides all the features of FREE version, and some advanced functionalities.

Smart autocomplete is a very useful feature that saves your time while typing commands (works like in VisualStudio or MonoDevelop).

If you’ll need to use some queries frequently, it is possible to add them to Favorites and these queries will always be within your reach.

Advanced attribute selectors in PRO version allow do define a sequence of properties/field in one attribute selector.

Additionally, you’ll be able to search objects not only on the scene, but also in the assets folder.

CSS-like search PRO version has recently been published, you can now buy it just for $3.99.
Both versions have detailed supplementary documentation with instructions [freepro].